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Keeping Second Owners in the Loop
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Tarion’s Homeowner Information Package is a “must read” for any owner of a new home and Tarion requires that builders provide the Homeowner Information Package to all those purchasing new homes.  But what happens when a home under warranty changes owners?

Mr. D was the second homeowner of a new home. When he tried to submit the statutory Year End Form Tarion rejected it because it was 15 days late. As the Homeowner Information Package and warranty start date had not been passed onto him by the previous owner, Mr. D was unaware of the timelines.  Our Office provided him with information about the warranty process and made sure that he knew how to access information going forward.  

As a result of this homeowner contacting the Ombudsperson Office, we were made aware of a gap in the information provided to homeowners.  We spoke to Tarion and highlighted the importance of ensuring that 2nd and subsequent homeowners receive notification about their warranty timelines and the information that they need to protect their warranty rights. As a result, Tarion’s procedures changed to be proactive in providing 2nd and subsequent owners with the Homeowners Information Package and information regarding their remaining timelines.