Changes in the Ombuds Office

Effective August 15, 2023, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Schmidt as Interim New Home Ombuds, following the retirement of New Home Ombuds Jill Moriarty.  Serving homeowners as New Home Ombuds Advisor in the New Home Ombuds Office since 2017, Rachel has extensive experience working in dispute resolution with over 15 years of experience as a mediator and is an experienced dispute resolution trainer. We are excited that Rachel has agreed to serve in this capacity as we continue implementing our transition plan to find a permanent New Home Ombuds.  
What is the process to replace the New Home Ombuds? 

There is currently an open recruitment process, and the opening has been posted to common job and employment websites such as LinkedIn. The Tarion Board of Directors has hired an external third party to oversee this process.


If you think Tarion has treated you unfairly, we are here to help.


Who We Are

We are an independent, impartial and confidential office that promotes and protects fairness within Tarion

What we Do


We provide information and advice to help homeowners navigate Tarion's processes and make referrals where appropriate.

Resolution of Fairness Disputes

We receive, review and seek to resolve complaints, to ensure that Tarion treats homeowners fairly.


We make recommendations to resolve fairness disputes and promote fair treatment.

Let us help you!

“Thank you once again for taking the time to address my concerns and offering some information regarding the proper channels to pursue further action. You have really helped us to better understand the processes of Tarion and reasons for determinations to date.”

“Staff were amazing and got action on the file so quickly! I really appreciate their work on this file”

“Thank you for listening to my concerns. Although I may not agree with your findings, I feel that you helped me.”