Make a Complaint

Before you submit your complaint you should know

Use Statutory Warranty Process icon

We don't replace Tarion's warranty process

We are not an office of record for Tarion and we cannot accept Warranty forms, requests for conciliation or requests for a Decision Letters on Tarion’s behalf.  These must go directly to Tarion.  

Coming to our office does not relieve you from the responsibility to follow the standard warranty process, and we can talk you through it to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

Give Tarion a chance first icon

Speak to Tarion first

We are an office of last resort. This means that you need to give Tarion a chance to address your concerns first.  If you have not yet discussed your concern with Tarion or escalated your concern to a Tarion manager, please do so. For complaints about specific warranty issues, contact your Warranty Services Representative or Coordinator. For general complaints, you can view the Tarion complaint process here.

We are confidential icon

We are confidential

We are a confidential office. Our voicemail, fax and e-mail are confidential, and only accessible by our staff in the New Home Ombuds. We will not discuss your case with Tarion unless we have your permission to do so.


Other ways to submit a complaint

You can also call, mail or email us to discuss your concern.  If you’d like to meet in person, we can arrange a time to do so.  Our office is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.




 New Home Ombuds, 339 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON  M5A 1S9